Words for Christmas

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Christmas is to be celebrated not only on earth. The celebration will be arranged in heaven as well. 

 A festive table is build up and preparations are in full swing in the kitchen.

Finally, all angels gather around the table. Some are still on duty. They are on their way to the shepherds in order to proclaim the Good News. 

Only one very important angel is missing. That leads to quite some confusion. The archangel Gabriel is not around. Well, it seems he is gone without a trace. 

All the little angels run excitedly back and forth. They are looking for him. No – without him, the heavenly Christmas celebration cannot begin.

Where can he possibly be? After all, he is so reliable otherwise! Even God himself is frowning. And he thinks to himself: Now, I have to check back and find out where he is at.

Meanwhile Gabriel is on the way to Bethlehem. He was to curios and could not bear it anymore. He wanted to see himself how the story of Mary and Joseph continues. It was so exciting and he could not miss out on it.

And while he is walking through the alleys of Bethlehem, three people in a big hurry nearly ran him over. He barely was able to jump towards a dark corner.

Who was that? Reasoning by the ragged appearence and the odor, those three people are shepherds. Yes, shephards, poor and disdained – but tough guys.

Gabriel hears a few words from them. What are they saying? They are in search of a child who is supposed to be the Savior of the world?

Wait, they are talking about the place I want to go to. In a stable, in a manger? Can it even be possible? When a new king shall be born, then he has to be born in a palace! 

And now, of course, follow them! There – as a matter of fact, they are entering a stable! I need to see it myself. With God one can never know about unexpected surprises.

And he is sneaking towards the shepherds. Angel Gabriel is following them secretly into the stable. He is hiding behind a wooden beam. There, he is able to see everything but cannot be seen by anyone.

Instantly he recognizes Mary. She looks exhausted. Understandably. That long journey, in her condition and state. From Nazaret all the way to Bethlehem – more than hundred kilometers on food. And she just gave birth to the little son, who I did announce to her.

But despite the stresses and strains she seems to be happy. She is excited about the child. Her eyes are illuminated when she is looking at the child with all her love.

And she is looking towards the shepherds. A little astonished indeed, but Gabriel notices that she understands what the shepherds are telling her. 

The shepherds report that angels were visiting them. They were frightened, because it was in the middle of the night and it became as bright as during the day. Beeing completely confused and baffled, while the angels told them: Do not be afraid. We come with good news of a great joy. For you, the saviour and redeemer is born today. Therefore, go to Bethlehem. There, you will find a child, in a stable, in a manger. 

And now, the shepherds see it exactly as announced by the angels. Mary smiles and thinks back to the time as Gabriel announced to her the child. She understands the joy and happiness of the shepherds. 

They say: Imagine, angels were visiting us, angels were talking to us. No one else wants to interact with us otherwise. We are the poorest and the most despised. Surely, we do not belong to the examplary people. We are tough and often bad as well.

And yet, God sends his angels to us. Apparently, God wants to be in touch with us. Otherwise we would not have got to know about that event. 

Gabriel thinks – indeed, what it is that is happening here. Here, there is the savior of the world. God is doing a restart with mankind in Jesus. And starts on the very bottom. He meets with the poor and the despised in order to save them.

Those tough men, living outside in the field, turn into different people in front of that child. They kneel in front of the manger and Gabriel can see something particular in their faces. Peace, as introduced by the angels. Their faces reflect peace.

The shepherds get up on their feet again. What could they give to the child? One of them has a fur for keeping the child warm. The second shepherd gives his shepherd´s crook. Often used for hitting. But those times are over now – as he says: So that the child can go its way in our world towards the hearts of the people. The people who need peace so urgently. And the third one takes out the already forgotten flute from his pocket. He says to Maria: Here, for the child in order to play the song of God´s love to us, to the humans. 

The shepherds set off again. The actual silent shepherds turned into people who will tell mankind about the extend of God´s love for the world.

It became Christmas for them – Gabriel noticed. Oh no! – Gabriel bears in mind. One last glance to the child and to Mary and Joseph. He almost is not able to leave.

But now: Immediately to the heavenly table.

As he is about to sneak unseen to the heavenly ballroom, he runs into God.

Both stop abruptly and look at each other. Gabriel sees the frown line on God´s forehead at first and thinks: Now, there will be trouble. But then, he looks into God´s eyes and sees the shepherds and Mary and Jesus. And Gabriel feels an endless love, devoting completely.

Without saying a single word, both are go to the ballroom and celebrate the salvation of the world. Amen.

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